Oppose Hawaii Moratorium to New Aquarium Fish Permits SB 1240

  • Oppose Hawaii Moratorium to New Aquarium Fish Permits SB 1240

    The aquarium fishery in Hawaii is under attack again: This time opponents seek to place a moratorium on new aquarium fish permits. This petition, filed by Ron Tubbs, seeks to veto the bill.

    While the West Hawai'i aquarium fishery is subject to regular monitoring incl. collection of biological data on the targeted populations, and its management is comprising size limits and collection limits for species in need of such measures, this fishery is now under threat of being completely banned via a moratorium on permits needed for collection.

    Again, the target is the aquarium fishery only, which seems odd when the reasoning is based on sustainability concerns. The bill indicates: "

    This Act shall not prohibit:
    (1) Any person exercising native Hawaiian gathering rights
    and traditional cultural practices as authorized by
    law or as permitted by the department of land and
    natural resources pursuant to article XII, section 7,
    of the state constitution;
    (2) The taking of fish or other aquatic life for human
    consumption or for sale for human consumption,
    including the taking of fish for bait; ..."

    Why not? Is a question that comes to mind. Shouldn't all resource uses be regulated and monitored when the ecosystem is under threat? Does an ecosystem care if the fish taken from it end up in an aquarium or on a grill?

    And when a fishery management is in place, shouldn't it be the call of the managers (e.g. DLNR) to cap or place a moratorium on any fishing effort, e.g. by not issuing any permits anymore?

    Please sign this petition, filed by Ron Tubbs, to support a sustainable aquarium fishery in Hawai'i remaining a role model for many aquarium fisheries around the world.