SAIA Fish Lists

  • SAIA Fish Lists

    Often discussed but obviously not being stressed enough is the topic of unsuitable species. Therefore SAIA has compiled a list of marine aquarium species/families who are difficult to keep alive and thriving in the long-term in the average aquarium hobbyist reef (community) tank. Furthermore information on the sustainability status of selected species is provided in a separate list. Species listed as ‚unsustainable’ should be ordered only when being available from breeding or culture.

    Primary objective of these lists is to raise awareness for a responsible, ethical, and sustainable hobby and trade by taking a closer look and considering potential difficulties in keeping particular organisms due to special needs or taking into account the ecological impact of a buying decision.

    The lists of unsuitable & unsustainable species are not meant to ban the listed species from trade totally, but rather to decrease the demand and trade volume for such species.

    We would like to point out that no significant loss to business and economy will result from adhering to this list nor does it restrict the hobby significantly in the species variety on offer.

    Instead, when you decide not to purchase a species identified as unsuitable or unsustainable in the SAIA Fish Lists, you are supporting reef conservation.